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YuShiJuJin Business management Co., Ltd (referred to as AWT) is a professional third party inspection company, designed to provide quality inspectionand quality control services for export products! Committed to providing customers with professional inspection and quality technology service, avoid defects deliverydelays and products! Stand on the third part position, impartiality, objectivity and insist that quality inspection.

Keeping pace with the times enterprise management Limited was founded in 2008,now employees 85 people, the company in manufacturing of Dongguan as the center,radiation in Guangdong Province, Zhejiang Province, Fujian Province, Shanghai,Shandong to all parts of the province. The company adopts the Japanese stylemanagement model, strict control of each link, can according to customer needs,provide inspection services in the short notice period, and can efficiently complete. In 2011, after three years of business development, the establishment of 1500 Pingseized goods factory, into the seizure of goods packaging service for the guest, more limited for customers to provide inspection services.

Our commitment to the third party inspection (full inspection, sampling inspection)factory evaluation, pre production inspection, production line inspection, pre shipment inspection, into the seized goods, container loading supervision, quality tracking,trade agents and customers personalized solutions.

The existing end customers: Blanco, Benesse, ELPA (Asahi appliances), Mcdonald 's(McDonald's), SK-II, Muji, Suntory (San Deli), Asahi (Asahi), Coca Cola (Coca-Cola),Toyota (Toyota), Disney (Disney), Panasonic (Panasonic), Bosch (PhD) and so on.

Quality as the enterprise elements of human, talents, products, services, we must have the aid of science and technology, constantly upgrading its inherent connotation of science and technology, the disclosure of the necessary information, measure andevaluation according to the quality standard. Division I according to international standards of fair for each batch of product evaluation, according to our advantage to provide excellent service for the guest.

Our advantage:

1: multiple samples of the product

2: a team of experience

3: rapid response time of inspection

4: very high price

5: the three Sino Japanese English language, the customer choice

6: one on one track for the guests